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"Here till Here is There" by Robin Williamson

The song is found on the LP album called: "Liquid acrobat as regards the air" by "The Incredible String Band". The band had two members: Mike Heron and Robin Williamson who played all sorts of instruments in the band and of course they composed most of the songs themselves.
(LP stands for Long Playing record. It is a disk made of vinyl and it can have recordings on each side playing for up to 30 minutes)
View, play, and print: NWC file tillhereisthere.nwc (2Kbytes)
NWC file tillhereistheredk.nwc (2Kbytes)Dannebrog
Listen to the tune: MIDI file tillhereisthere.mid (5Kbytes)

"The Water is Wide", Scottish ballad

I was a young man back in the nineteen sixties, when I learned this song from Cy Maja & Robert, who toured Denmark then
View, play, and print: NWC file widewater.nwc (1.5Kbytes)
Listen to the tune: MIDI file widewater.mid (6Kbytes)

"Sisters of Mercy", Leonard Cohen

View, play, and print: NWC file sistersomca.nwc (1.8Kbytes)
NWC file sistersom.nwc (1.8Kbytes)Dannebrog
Listen to the tune: MIDI file sistersom.mid (7Kbytes)

"Cecilia", Paul Simon

View, play, and print: NWC file cecilia.nwc (1.3Kbytes)
Listen to the tune: MIDI file cecilia .mid (4.6Kbytes)

"Josefin's waltz", Roger Tallroth

This tune is the only tune that Dervish has completely adopted, that is not an Irish or even a celtic one. Dervish recorded it once together with Väsen , the Swedish band where Roger Tallroth is a guitarist. The CD is: "At the end of the day". It is on another Dervish CD as well (Live in Palma) and the tune is even included in the recording of "I courted a wee girl" on "At the end of the day". Dervish still plays the tune at concerts. The last time I heard  it at concert was in April 2000. Why is it that Dervish adopted this waltz? 8-)
View, play, and print: NWC file josefinwaltz.nwc (2Kbytes)
Listen to the tune: MIDI file josefinwaltz.mid (9Kbytes)

"Amazing Grace", John Coates

Scottish tune known by every child in one side of the world.
Listen to the tune. Get the lyrics

"The last thing on my mind", Tom Paxton

Popular folk song from the sixties done by many performers: Jose Feliciano, Niels Hausgaard and of course Tom Paxton are just a few. Niels Hausgaard made a translation into Danish of the lyrics
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"En yndig og frydefuld sommertid", old Danish Dannebrog

The tune is from the middle ages. I have known the song all my life, but it was revived to me when I heard it on the radio some time ago.
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"The Water is Wide", Scottish ballad

I was a young man back in the nineteen sixties, when I learned this song from Cy Maja & Robert, who toured Denmark then
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"Lark on the strand" Irish Jig

This jig I learned from Dervish . I heard it at concerts and it is on the album: "Mitsummer's night". The jig is a traditional Irish jig from Sligo county, where Dervish is rooted.
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"Thuas ag Gort an Chornáln"

Picked up from the album: Sail óg Rua by Dolores Keane and John Faulkner
Listen to the tune.

"Roselil", old folksong Dannebrog

The melody has been known in Denmark for hundreds of years.
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"The Blacksmith", traditional English song

Found in the Planxty album: "Planxty" (the Andy Irvine version) and in the Déanta album: "Whisper of a secret", where Mary Dillon sings it.
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"The Druid's spell", by Clódagh Warnock

Irish jig collected from Deánta' s album: "Whisper of a secret". Clódagh Warnock is bouzouki, fiddle and bodhran player in Déanta. She composed this fine jig.
View, play, and print:  NWC file druidsspell.nwc (1.4Kbytes)
Listen to the tune: MIDI file druidsspell.mid (9Kbytes)

MP3 file: druidsspell.mp3 (2Mbytes)

"The west coast of Claire"

This tune I collected from the Planxty record: "Planxty".
Listen to the tune. Read the lyrics

"Waltz of the white lilies", by Kate O'Brian

This tune I learned by listening to the album: "Whisper of a secret" by Déanta . I know no modern Irish group who carries the tradition more proudly than Déanta. The group has a brilliant performance and on top of that almost every member contributes with new tunes. Kate O'Brian did this one.
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"Svantes lykkelige dag"Dannebrog

"Svante's lucky day"

Modern Danish folk song published in 1972. Its popularity has been growing ever since among the Danes. The lyrics are about one special day in this man: Svante's life, his lucky day! Writer and composer: Benny Andersen.
Listen to the tune. Get the lyrics (Danish language only)


This song I learned again from De Danann's album: "Star spangled Molly", where Maura O'Connell sings it. Some songs I feel I have known forever. This song is one of them. The song is said to come from the McCormack songbook.
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"Lone Shanakyle"

I learned this song listening to recordings by two great contemporary and traditional Irish bands. First it was Dervish with singer Cathy Jordan. Then it was Déanta with singer Mary Dillon. The song really crept under my skin. The song is on the album: 'At the end of the day' by Dervish. and on the album: 'Whisper of a secret' by Déanta. The tune, I understand is an air relative to: An Paistín Fionn.
Listen to the tune:  MIDI file loneshan.mid (9Kbytes)

MP3 file: loneshan.mp3 (2.2Mbytes)

Get the lyrics

"May morning Dew"

This song is on the album: "Dolores Keane" by Dolores Keane. She sings it beautifully together with Martin O'Connor on accordion. When putting it down it suddenly struck me, that the tune is almost identical to "Scarborough Fair", by Simon and Garfunkel
Listen to the tune.

"The wild mountain Thyme", by Francis McPeake.

This song I know from way back in the sixties, when Joan Baez was doing it. It is in her album: "Farewell, Angelina" . The song returned to me unexpectedly at the Tønder Festival 1996. From the crowd one woman's voice rose and sang: "The wild mountain Thyme". The gathering was silenced!
Listen to the tune:  MIDI file greenm.mid (5Kbytes)

MP3 file: greenm.mp3 (1Mbyte)

Get the lyrics (off site)

"The Dunmore Lasses", Irish reel.

When you bump on a sheet with an Irish reel on it, that you have not heard before, then of course you have to play it.
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Two songs, sung by Dolores Keane

The embodied songs are called: "Thuas ag Gort an Chomálin" and "Diglake fields". The former is found on the albums: "Sail óg Rua" and "Tideland". The latter is found on De Dannan's album: "Anthem". "Diglake fields" Dolores Keane sings together with Mary Black.
Listen to the tune.

"När jag blev sjutton år" Swedish folk song

This arrangement shows the strong influence from German on Danish culture. The tune itself is Swedish all right, but the harmonies and beat are very much the way it was in central Europe fifty years ago.
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